$1500 rebate for commercial mowers

by / Friday, 09 August 2013 / Published in News

propanemowerPropane is quickly becoming the fuel of choice when it comes to lawn and landscape equipment. Propane is a much less expensive and more environmental option than gas or diesel because it costs less and is cleaner-burning than gasoline or diesel, emitting 60 to 70 percent less smog. Propane engines also require less maintenance and last longer than those operating on gasoline.

The Illinois Propane Gas Association (IPGA) and the Illinois Propane Education & Research Council (IPERC) have approved incentives of $1,500 per mower. (maximum of 3 per year) for new, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) mowers which are designed to use propane gas. Eligible candidates may include, but are not limited to, private licensed landscape contractors, state, federal, municipalities, counties, schools, school districts and universities who are registered to do business in the State of Illinois. For additional details visit

The National Propane Gas Association also offers a mower incentive program of up to $1,000 for new mowers and $500 for converted models. These incentives can be combined with state and manufacturer rebate programs for additional savings. For more information about the national Propane Mower Incentive Program, visit Many manufacturers now make dedicated propane engines. So before you buy a lawn mower, check out a propane alternative — you’ll save big in the long run.