Do you know the smell of propane?

by / Friday, 09 August 2013 / Published in News

81MdOn6GeAS._SL1500_Because propane is an odorless, colorless gas, ethyl mercaptan is added. This gives propane its strong, unpleasant smell of rotten eggs, a skunk’s spray, or a dead animal. Propane manufacturers add this smell deliberately to help alert customers in the event of a propane leak, which can create a safety hazard.

Make sure everyone in your home or building knows what propane smells like. If you do not know what propane smells like, please let us know. Our delivery driver will be happy to provide you with a demonstration so that you and your family are familiar with propane’s distinct odor.

It may be hard for some people to smell propane for several reasons: They have a cold, allergies, sinus congestion, or other medical condition. Their sense of smell is reduced due to tobacco use, alcohol, or drugs. Smoke, cooking, and other strong odors can mask the smell of propane. As people age, their sense of smell can become less sensitive. If the smell of propane is present in the air over a period of time, “odor fatigue” can occur. The propane smell may not be strong enough to wake up someone who is sleeping. The propane smell may be in a location (basement or attic) where it is not detected by people in other areas of the building.

Your safety is our number one priority! We recommend installing a Kidde Nighthawk combustible gas/CO Detector in your home. These are available at home improvement stores. Please call our office if you do not know the smell of propane!